Defining oneself is probably life's most difficult task, and perhaps the starkness of this page says more about me than words ever could. I am a simple person, I enjoy clean lines and laconic arguments. Combining a clamorous intellect and extemporaneous humour, I tend to excel at abstract improvisation. I am an articulate presenter with a knack for technicality, and I find there is nothing more satisfying than the puzzle of a difficult fix. I believe we are at a crucial turning point in human history as concepts like 'community', 'information', 'ownership' and 'accountability' undergo redefinition. That is why I work to keep technology accessible and affordable to the people I know. It is also why I have eschewed the confines of 'social networking' and chosen to define my neophyte digital self to the world of the web through my own designs, and my own hands. I hope to be part of the solution.



Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician
Diploma George Brown College

- Process and Feedback Systems
- Lean Manufacturing Processes
- Milling & Machining
- Quality Assurance & Control
- Microcontroller Robotics


Hire Tech
Independant Tech Consultant

- Desktop Maintenance [BUILD or REPAIR]
- Phone & Tablet [REFLASH or UNLOCK]
- Enterprise Computing [SERVERS,POS,BACK-UPS]

Rogers Communications - [680NEWS]
Traffic Reporter - Audio Editor - Technical Producer

- Audio & Text Editing
- On-Air Technical Production
- City Wide Traffic Tracking & Assessment
- Concise Reporting and Documentation


I love music, play guitar and trumpet. Folk, Jazz, and Swing, alongside their "electro-fied" contemporary variations top my most listened to. Reading is very important to me, books and articles especially. I use readability to save articles, and you can see my list at any time. "Old School Video Games" are a soft spot of mine, and almost every computer I own has some form of Super Mario on it. As a Canadian I feel proud to say I like playing hockey, but am terrible at it.